Gardeners Collection


Gardeners, UUIN’s FW21 Collection, Evokes the Spirit of Life Cultivation in a Post-Pandemic Era

Independent designer brand UUIN creates Gardener, the FW21 ready-to-wear collection that brings unique, brisk color aesthetics amid other muted and neutral works of this fashion season. The two inspirations of Gardener: Taiwan, metaphorically, a green ark in the post-pandemic era; the people, gardeners cultivating their verdant homeland. Through garments, UUIN paints a picture of female gardeners of spiritual abundance, motivation, and intense curiosity about life. Inspired by gardening overalls, UUIN further integrated gingham print, introduced the checkered farmhouse charm to their line of colorful contemporary fashion designs.


In terms of materials, UUIN also co-developed with Zi-art (織林), the cultural and creative brand that specializes in embroidery crafts. The Magellan birdwing butterflies, an endangered species found on Lanyu Island gave rise to the vivid, lifelike, and dimensional butterfly embroidery designs on models’ layered clothing, which echoes the halcyon days of the Butterfly Kingdom. 


Additionally, UUIN launched its designer collaboration handbag with AETER, the new leather-goods brand that possesses surging popularity due to its outstanding performance at the London Fashion Week. Inspired from garden toolbags, the handbag offers the best of both worlds: whimsical playfulness of UUIN and rigorous craftsmanship of AETER. The elegantly chic tote bag collection is available in three colors (black, white, and brown) and sizes, providing options to flatter your personal style. 


The Minimalist Aesthetics of AETER Designer Bags


AETER, a Taiwanese independent-designer brand, launched its 2021 bag collection that elegantly displays the urban imagery of light and shadows. Dynamic montage of light and shadows found in silhouettes of urban architecture brings about the metropolitan interplay of light and darkness in AETER’s designs. 


For the FW fashion season this year, AETER further collaborated with the independent-designer brand UUIN from home. The post-pandemic era sparked the concept of urban gardeners, a rustic yet artistic lifestyle, with a twist of contemporary fashion. This collaboration, through AETER’s meticulous execution in leathercraft, transformed the functional gardener’s tote into an elegantly succinct, chic design.