Equilibrium Leather Key Chain / 皮革鑰匙圈

Equilibrium Collection Leather Workshop

Immerse yourself in modern architecture and the London sky and discuss the feeling and memories evoked by the building you live in or the architecture you enjoy.

Following this, you will be guided through the process of creating a small leather keychain as a part of your experience. Our leather workshop will teach you the exquisite and chic leather crafting technique used by AETER to create our own products. Your unique work will capture an elegant, geometric, amazing memory of architecture and London. In the end, you will take pictures in front of artwork created by the leftover leather. We want you to know every single piece is a wonderful gift from nature.

First Step: Design & Cutting

Second Step: Burning the edge of leather

Third Step: Painting the leather edge

Fourth Step: Glueing

Fifth Step: Punching of holes with stitching chisel

Before Sixth Step: Learn how to make thread fo though the needle and create a secure loop.

Sixth Step: Hand stitching (simple way)

Seventh Step: Punching the holes for setting up the eyelet.


Final work by attendees