AETER SS21: Architecture / Black+White

LUXEAL x VERUS x Architecture x Black x White 

" We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. "


VERUS Collection // LUXEAL Collection

VERUS means truth, sincerity, and purity in Latin. The name champions the true self as the source fo elegance. Destined to be an instant classic, the VERUS bag depicts exquisite lines and intricate layering, inviting you to into a world of purity and tranquillity. The curvature of the bag smoothly channels light; a plethora of layered leather textures bring a discreet look of casual sophistication.

VERUS 是拉丁語真實、真誠、純淨的意思,象徵著最高雅的一面來自於最真實的自己。經典的款式配飾優雅的線條,豐富的層次,迎領享受寧靜的純粹。包包輪廓的曲線讓光線流暢在其中,不同層次及材質的堆疊,豐富了包款的生命力,將雅緻昇華。

LUXEAL is a portmanteau, a combination of "Lux(light)" and "Zeal(passion)" form Latin. When light hits the bag's exterior, it accentuates the bold silhouette. Black suede and cowhide leather with natural fine lines are neatly presented through a delicate leather cutting technique, elevating the level of finesse. The final product is exquisite yet understated.

LUXEAL 是從拉丁語光線(Lux)與熱情(Zeal)組合而成的,透過如光線般的線條組成,呈現性格熱情的一面,燦爛蘊含在輪廓中,華而不張揚,切割的手法呈現設計的俐落度,材質選用帶有天然細紋的牛面皮配上黑色麂皮,低調的創造出裝飾性及細緻度。