Vancouver Fashion Week - UUIN x AETER

溫哥華時裝週 2021年 秋冬 園丁系列


Show Details: April 17th, 2021 4:10 PM PST
秀場時間:2021年04月17日 下午4:10 台灣時間

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Vancouver Fashion Week Digital FW21 Showcase | Day 2

Evokes the Spirit of Life Cultivation in a Post-Pandemic Era

Independent designer brand UUIN creates Gardener, the FW21 ready-to-wear collection that brings unique, brisk color aesthetics amid other muted and neutral works of this fashion season. The two inspirations of Gardener: Taiwan, metaphorically, a green ark in the post-pandemic era; the people, gardeners cultivating their verdant homeland. Through garments, UUIN paints a picture of female gardeners of spiritual abundance, motivation, and intense curiosity about life. Inspired by gardening overalls, UUIN further integrated gingham print, introduced the checkered farmhouse charm to their line of colorful contemporary fashion designs.

Additionally, UUIN launched its designer collaboration handbag with AETER, the new leather-goods brand that possesses surging popularity due to its outstanding performance at the London Fashion Week. Inspired from garden tool bags, the tote bag offers the best of both worlds: whimsical playfulness of UUIN and rigorous craftsmanship of AETER. The elegantly chic tote bag collection is available in three colors (black, white, and brown) and sizes, providing options to flatter your personal style.



UUIN 及 AETER 都善於文創工藝或是傳統產業合作。AETER 與台灣傳統皮革產業 『金皇皮業』合作,以永續時尚的初衷,挑選自然死亡之食用牛隻皮革(經濟副產品),採用歐洲環保的標準製作流程:無重金屬、無毒染料等...更是將皮革的表面塑料減少至最低,讓皮革的自然紋路可以呈現出來,表現出更多的生命力。

這次UUIN 與 AETER 合作開發聯名包款,以『工作袋』為靈感來源,融合了UUIN 的輕鬆趣味以及 AETER 的俐落風格,嚴謹的皮革工藝呈現出精緻的托特包款,更是有不同大小尺寸及三色(黑白咖啡)的選擇,滿足使用者不同身型及使用習慣,展現簡約時尚。

Cube Tote Bag - Medium White / Check the bag

Cube Tote Bag - Medium Black / Check the bag

Cube Tote Bag - Large Camel / Check the Bag

Cube Tote Bag - Small Camel / Check the bag


Check more image here _______ Gardeners_Cube / 園丁


AETER Vancouver Fashion Week AW2021 - Cube Collection with UUIN


Vancouver Fashion Week 

Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. Since its inception 20 years ago, VFW has operated with a firm belief in being a well-grounded local initiative with global instincts and intuition.

“At Vancouver Fashion Week, diversity really is our greatest strength. We bring together the most incredible design talent from across Canada and around the world, presenting the most forward-thinking creative concepts to the industry. Fashion is a truly global phenomenon and it's so inspiring to see such a strong mix of designers all under one roof here in Vancouver.” says Jamal Abdourahman, producer and founder of Vancouver Fashion Week.


Vancouver Fashion Week - UUIN x AETER